Tuesday, March 20, 2018


Hello again, so happy today me and Mama Elephant team are back and showcasing Dragon Wishes stamp set. For my card I combining with Basic Circles - Creative Cuts.

Just a simple design but I love it so much! as I love anything about dragon! 
this is remind me with The Movie - How to Train Your Dragon ❤

I stamped the images on watercolor paper and colored with watercolor paint. If you look carefully, the ear of the dragon are look messy. I die cut the images and isn't dry enough so the paper slightly torn apart 😝

That's all from me today, I will comeback again tomorrow with another stamp highlight 😊
Have a great day!

Mama Elephant Stamp:

Mama Elephant Creative Cuts:


  1. When I saw this card on the Mama Elephant blog, my first thought was of "How to Train Your Dragon"—particularly that scene where Hiccup is dealing with those tiny green fire-breathing dragons. It was fun to come here and find out that you'd been thinking of that movie while making the card!

  2. Wonderful card!


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