Saturday, October 07, 2017

ME | Designer Series - Scallop Box and Little Reindeer Agenda

Happy World Card Making Day, friends ! Today, I'm on Mama Elephant Blog and share my project featuring Little Reindeer Agenda and Scallop Square Box Creative Cuts. So lets take a look! I've been busy making these all cute boxes but it's so fun and I'm happy with the result ♥

For my first batch, I decorate the boxes using images from  :
Little Reindeer Agenda for the Reindeers
A Beary Christmas for the Christmas tree
 City Sidewalks for Clock Buildings and sentiments
Sticky Notes for the Post It Note

For the sentiment , I use:
Occasional Labels | Puffy Holiday Greetings
Retro Holiday Labels | Jingle Greetings 

And other supplies that I used are :
Snow Flurries Creative Cuts | Little Reindeer Agenda CC |
A Beary Christmas CC | Venice Envelope CC for the banner

Next, I made simple tags using the circle diecut from Scallop Square Box Creative Cuts.

And the tag will placing behind the head of  each Character Box. Yes! I made a bunch Character Box combining  Scallop Square Box Creative Cuts with Favor Bag Accesory Bunny - Bear - Cat - Santa Elf - Snow Deer

I had so much fun to create these all character boxes! And the pictures below are show you the process how I made it.

And here are the finish boxes :) 

Celebrating WCMD 2017 Mama Elephant have special offer

Thank you so much for joining with me today
and Happy Crafting!


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  6. Oh my gosh !! This is amazingly adorable !


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