Friday, July 24, 2015

DIY Paper Clips with Mama Elephant

Happy Friday! 
Maybe you have seen this picture on my Instagram
or on my previous post at here 

Today, I'm gonna share how easy to make it
Let's get started !

Step 1 , we need these materials :
Fyi, double-sided tape size I use is about 2"

Step 2 : we need to make cardstock with double-sided tape ,
and then die cut it through die cut machine
Step 3: and here what we get
diecut no.1 : with double-sided tape on front side
diecut no.2 : with double-sided tape on front and back side
step 4: let's finish it!
and you're done!

I hope you enjoy my tutorial
and have a great weekend!


supplies : 
Mama Elephant stamp : Friend Indeed | Tandem ride
Mama Elephant creative cuts : Tandem Ride | Friend script Tag a lot

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