Saturday, August 25, 2012

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Not in the mood on crafting 
but I still love to coloring ^ ^
Love..Love the new stamps from CC Designs
Swiss Pixie : School Lucy and School Hansel

Today, My nieces J&C are come visit me
and they playing School Lucy to make cards
they're happy and enjoying the process 
from coloring, cutting, even write special messages on card!
and... they did it! Great job, girls!


  1. Have a lovely aunty with awesome talent of coloring, who are not jealous with you my dear J&C ??

  2. Great job! And you are a lovely aunty who let them explore the card making craft.. ;D

  3. Beautiful cards Cassie and Jolin!!

    Vera your coloring is amazing and wonderful!

  4. adorable coloring love love these all and Cassie and Jolin cute card you have son also like to use my papers to create his own card hihi....miss you say..


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