Thursday, November 17, 2011

Virginia's 50 Birthday Celebration

Did you know...super talented Virginia Lu is turning 50 very soon....
you can read about the fun and the party celebration here
about Virginia...she is talented card maker, super mom & wife 
and also very sweet friend :)
I love her style so much! and I love her funny story that she wrote on her blog 
I remembered, when the first time I join HeroArts Flickr , 
she was the first person who comment on my first card :)
Her creations always inspiring me :)
Here,  I created a card for Virginia inspired by her card 
that published Papercraft 365cards magz
 here is a closer look

Happy Happy Birthday to you,Virginia! 
Love and Hugs ...


supplies : HeroArts stamp CL514 , CL139


  1. aw you are so sweet Vera ...
    yes I am agree with you, Virginia was a nice person and she has superb energy to stamping and creating!!
    and so do you honey, you are a talented woman :) sweet person too ...
    and your card, my fave as always!!


  2. What a creative and FUN card, Vera, just like Virginia herself!!!

  3. Veraaa... how clever you are. I love your work, look the image is so cute. Sweet card vera, sweet as you.. :)

  4. I am SO in awe of your FUN and CREATIVE card, Vera!! Your words are so sweet and to me, this is the most beautiful present that I can get from a blog/stamping friend! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I wish we could stamp and chat together. I know we would have FUN! Now you really have inspired me and I absolutely ADORE this card...HUGS to you, my friend!

  5. Vera your card is adorable. What a fun and beautiful gift to give Virginia for her birthday!

  6. such a cute card, Mbak Vera...
    selalu suka warna2 pastelmu yang lembut n sweeeeet...he he he...


  7. This is so charming, Vera! You make the sweetest cards!


Thank you so much for your wonderful comments :)